Chester Railway Station

Your itinerary for Chester when discovering Amazing Women by Rail .... 

Take the bus from Chester Railway Station to Chester Zoo and explore where June Williams grew up.

Walk around the zoo and see the locations from the ‘Our Zoo’ book and television series while learning about the animals that call the zoo their home.

You’ll need a day to explore this award-winning zoo, plan your day from the above link.

Exploring historic Chester by taking the shuttle bus from outside Chester Railway Station and you’ll soon be in the heart of the historic city.

We recommend the Grosvenor Museum which includes Chester History & Heritage.

Open seven days a week, you’ll be able to explore the history of the area and its people from the 17th century to the 1920s.

Look out for special exhibitions throughout the year celebrating Chester’s rich and varied history.

For some retail therapy wander the Rows and head down nearby Frodsham Street, with its many interesting shops, and see where Mary Fildes’ pub once stood.

Just outside the City Walls across the Old Dee Bridge is Edgar’s Field, Handbridge, which is home to a Grade 1 listed building – Minerva’s Shrine. Minerva was a Roman goddess of schools, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, art and war and was the Etruscan equivalent of the Greek goddess Athena.

The Shrine is carved in to the sandstone and dates back to the second century.

The carving has weathered over the years, but Minerva is shown with an owl and a spear.

Also in Handbridge is Overleigh Cemetery, dating back to 1848 and final resting place for some interesting women – Mary Jonas who gave birth to 33 children,

Marjorie Tucker given Chester’s first military funeral for a woman and Mary Finney “Queen of the Gypsies”.