Lostock Gralam Railway Station

Your itinerary for Lostock Gralam when discovering Amazing Women by Rail .... 

You will be interested to read about the hidden history and inspiring story of Ethel Frater who was an Amazing Women associated with this railway station.

If you are visiting this station there are places to discover, enjoy and explore in the area.

Perhaps even a canalside walk up to the Lion Salt Works in Marston where men and women worked tiring days under the intense heat required to make salt and it was so hot the women worked in nothing but their petticoats!

Your walk down the Trent and Mersey Canal will take about 45 minutes.

Completed in 1777, under the direction of James Brindley, the canal in those days was the commercial lifeline for Josiah Wedgewood’s business in the Potteries.

Today, you will see holidaymakers on their colourful narrowboats.

You will know when you have arrived at the Lion Salt Works.

In front of you will be the black 30,000-gallon brine tank which used to feed the evaporating pans in the Works.

You can enter by the gate on the canal.

Have a lovely day at this fascinating Museum.