Lady Jane Turnbull

Lady Jane Turnbull née Grey (1899 – 1991) was the daughter of William Grey, 9th Earl of Stamford and her family are associated with Dunham Massey and Ashley Hall.

She is a distant descendant of the Lady Jane Grey from Tudor History whose family resided at Ashley Hall.

In 1917 Jane was by then a trained nurse and her home of Dunham Massey was taken over as a hospital for wounded WW1 soldiers.

She was involved in every aspect of their care from general nursing to assisting the surgeons in theatre. Unusual for a woman  the upper classes to be in the middle of nursing to that extent.

She recorded a lot of her experiences in a diary and scrapbook which are kept in the archives at Dunham Massey and which is now in the care of the National Trust.

As part of the WW1 Commemorations Dunham Massey was converted back into a hospital in celebration with details taken from her diary and scrapbook.

In 1927 she married her husband the Reverend Peverill Turnbull and they had two children, Marjorie and Oliver.

Her brother became the 10th Earl of Stamford and had a seat in the House of Lords, she died in 1991.